Sadly lots of social networks have “drama” on them. Most is usually harmless but  Dramacool some can even be deadly. Most drama on these networks usually start from he say she say stuff. Someone has started spreading rumors about someone else and the rumors circulate until they manage to get to the person they are about. That person gets upset and says something about the person that spread the first rumor effectively causing a second and it continues like this, eventually one may approach the other and confront them about it and it may lead to even more drama. These are usually harmless, and fade by themselves eventually if not resolved by the two people themselves, it can however get a lot of people not originally involved in the conflict involved because of all the talk that is involved with it.

The other kind of drama, the more dangerous kind is drama in the form of people being picked on. This can be the result of someone being an outcast and others bullying them, whether it is by spreading rumors, or the direct approach and aiming obscene things toward them and their profile. Typically this kind of drama is one sided and the person on the bad end of the stick so to speak may begin to feel like they are not wanted or not needed in this world. There have been reports of such things stemming from outside of social networks and being brought onto the social network. Sometimes the victim has even killed themselves because of the constant bullying, other times the victim has been beaten by the bullying party. As you can see it usually ends badly.

Ways to stay away from drama is to just not respond to any drama directed at you. Most times if you ignore it they will stop, if they do not stop, tell someone about it, you are not alone, tell a parent or guardian about the situation and let them handle it or if you want you can tell a teacher if it is school related. If the person seems like a potential stalker do not hesitate to ask for assistance from someone whether it is a close friend or the police. In the end while it may seem like a lot of trouble most people hardly ever experience such things on social networks.


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