My formal introduction to the word meditation happened during my third year in college when I enrolled in a course entitled Mind, Body Medicine. The course was a requirement for my Health Science major and, in hindsight, a fortunate obligation. I was in my early twenties, on the brink of adulthood – somewhere between reckless, insecure teen and responsible, “in-control” adult. Everything in this world was possible, where you know the rules to success and you agreeably play the game. But where trepidation and inhibition keep you bound to perpetual self-doubt. And yes, smoking lots of pot and Get Xanax Online drinking beer through funnels seemed to be the most effective way to cope.

That first Mind, Body Medicine Buy Xanax Online class was the spark that ignited my curiosity about the mysterious and completely fascinating connection between mind and body. I learned that meditation isn’t only for Eastern Monks who sit under bohdi trees to attain enlightenment. The proven health benefits of meditation are instead, nondiscriminatory. Not only the religious, but also the secular and/or spiritual can enjoy the physiological and mental benefits of meditation – which include decreased blood pressure, improved immune system function, and improved concentration. Meditation triggers a relaxation response so significant, that it is capable of improving long-term physical and emotional responses to stress. Knowing that stress is a contributor to all major modern killers, I had all the motivation needed to actually begin the practice of sitting still in silence.

So there I was, a young eager college kid, ready to practice meditation. How hard could sitting still and breathing be? I was quick to answer my own naivety. After only a few attempts at enforcing discipline and trying to quiet the mind, I felt more frantic than peaceful. No distractions left my mind far from quiet. In fact, it actually went into overdrive, sounding something like this:

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