Interesting Facts About Furniture

Everything in your home is a piece of furniture, except of course the walls and floors. It’s a natural part of our lives, but, have you ever given thought of where and how it all came from or emerged? The history of furniture is very interesting. Different civilizations came up with their own brand and furnishings. For instance, in the prehistoric times, when people were learning farming, they constructed their houses and basic furniture needs with stones. The village of Sara Brae in Scotland is a preserved example of this. Then, there was the ancient Egyptian furniture; the rich lived in large comfortable houses with furniture made from wood, while the poor in houses made of mud and furniture made of stones. The pinnacles of the Greek civilization were the wooden chests and couches.

What Is Wicker?

Wicker is, basically, any material woven into a rigid pattern to form any kind of furniture. The materials usually used for wicker furniture are flexible branches, grass or vine, as well as, willow, bamboo, rattan, reed and/or synthetic materials such as plastic. Wicker is very popular for outdoor wicker furniture, wicker patio and porch furniture.

History Of Wicker Furniture

The above was a brief history of furniture as a whole; the history of wicker and outdoor wicker furniture, is quite different. It was first used by the Ancient Egyptian civilization in 3000 B.C; they used reed and swamp grasses to make them. Its popularity was passed on from Egypt to Rome and from Rome to Europe and America. The Americans did not take to it immediately, but, after a while outdoor wicker furniture became very popular.

Furniture Used Outdoors

Working and living, all day, in confined spaces makes you want to scream. Instead, you make do with breaking the pattern. As human beings, it is our natural instinct to revolt or feel free from our constraints. That is why, after a long and exhausting day at work you want to go out in the open, and may be watch the sky and stars for relaxation. This is where Wicker Porch Furniture your furniture comes in; you need furniture that is suitable for all seasons to remain outdoors.

Patio Furniture

A patio is an open space which is adjoined to your house; it can be your terrace, your backyard, your pool area or all of the above. The patio can be used as a dining area or for personal lounging, or both. The furniture you use for your patio is termed as patio furniture.

Porch Furniture

Porch, derived from the Catalan word “proxo”, is any structure that is connected to or is covering the entrance of a doorway. The porch is the pathway that is covered and leads to the main building. Most common porch furniture includes porch swings.