There are a lot of covers for the iPhone 4, and the SGP case is just one of them. Actually there are so many to choose from that it can be a very difficult undertaking. This leads us to the discussion as to whether or not this particular one is the best value or not. It is constructed of two pieces that fit together easily and snugly to offer maximum protection for your iPhone. And as an added feature it is very nice aesthetically.

This SGP case is very handy for those who travel frequently. It can protect the iPhone 4 from all the bumps and drops that can happen frequently when one is moving about so much. Particularly, the Neo Hybrid looks very similar to the regular shape and look of the iPhone 4. But it gives it the added protection that is so necessary.

There are two pieces to this product a Polycarbonate Frame and the Soft Premium Silicon. To install the SGP case place the phone in the silicon section and then carefully put the hard frame in place. This has to be done carefully so that none of the thin pieces break. After it is securely on the iPhone, gently massage it a little to get it properly in place. Once you have  data sgp both pieces securely in place, it will be very solid. The cover will fit snugly to the iPhone. It will not move around at all and it will solidly protect the device. The soft silicon is constructed in such a way that it will not obstruct the screen and only reveals enough while still protecting from scratches or other types of damages.

The back of the SGP case oddly enough does not bear the Apple logo. It is clean and has a sort of matte finish that helps to be resistant to fingerprints. It is also a material that will not tend to attract dust or lint. The cut out for the camera lens is large enough that it will not interfere with the LED flash capabilities.

There are a total of three cutouts on the bottom portions. Two of these are for the phone’s speakers and the other one is for the 30 pin connection. You do need to be careful when plugging the phone in to charge as the polycarbonate frame is very thin there and seems to be pretty easy to give. You do not want to apply too much pressure to this area just in case. It is probably fine, but it feels a little weak in this one area.

There is a cutout for the mute switch and it is sized appropriately so that it is easy to use. And on the left side there is an indiscreet logo.

The SGP case has a lot of different features. It has a screen protector, a crystal clear protector and a microfiber cloth to keep the product clean. And just in case you have any type of problems with the flash there are flash diffusers.


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