Marketing Writing for Electronic Media

For most small business owners, good marketing is the key to success. Every business needs a website and every website should include a mechanism for capturing visitors for your mailing list. A simple opt-in newsletter sign up is effective, where site visitors can just enter their email address in exchange for updates on your product or service lines, coupons, or notification of special events. The trick to building your customer base through online contacts is to follow-up frequently and effectively.

Everything you send out to your email contact list must reflect your company culture and present a consistent image. Here are a few things to watch for before you send electronic marketing messages:


Be clear about who each message is targeting. If you have multiple segments in your target market, consider customizing messages for each segment. A good contact database (such as ACT!) provides plenty of options for segmenting your customer list and identifying commonalities among your base.


Be sure your newsletters, coupons, and basic email messages reflect a consistent style, preferably one that can be closely associated with the style of your website. Use the same tone and perspective (second-person, third-person) throughout your messages, and be careful not to contradict previous messages.


Check and double-check every message for quality pay for essay reddit control. Run the spell and grammar check and read each message aloud before you send them out. Use sans serif fonts – the ones without the little marks, called serifs, at the ends of each stroke – because they are far easier to read online. Be sure the font size is at least 10-point throughout the message.


Avoid essay-length missives – people will stop reading after a sentence or two. Use bulleted lists when a large amount of information needs to be included. If you must write in paragraphs, be sure each paragraph focuses on a single idea and use subheadings to draw attention to each point. And, while the use of color is good, avoid using a light font on a dark background…it is nearly impossible to read on a computer screen.