Weird as it may sound but Haribo sweets have been a part of my daily diet. best cbd Canada I grew up with these super delectable sweets. It was my uncle who came back from Germany who introduced me to this gummi sweet goodness in a pack. I was eight then. I fell in love with this confectionery product at first bite. It was the unbelievable chewiness of these gummi products that doesn’t stick on teeth coupled with the natural sweetness of fruits that I love most. I have tried other brands after I finished what my uncle gave me but nothing can ever compare to Haribo.

When my uncle went back to Germany, I told him to send me Haribo sweets. Being the favourite nephew, he just couldn’t say no. Every month he would never fail to send me gummi bears and gummi cola made by Haribo. I would happily eat these tasty sweets with my family as a dessert after a meal or as a substitute to popcorn when we’re watching movies in the living room. My friends in the neighbourhood also love these sweets! Because of this, the fifteenth of every month is marked on our calendar because it’s the time when my uncle’s package from Germany is delivered on our doorsteps.

Growing up, I have never lost my love for the unique taste of Haribo sweets. In fact, it only made me want some more. I have an active lifestyle since I was young. I joined different sports and other various physical activities. The delicious gummi bears and cola have become one of my primary sources of glucose and energy. I love eating them after every game and during break times. Even during training and practice I just couldn’t resist not bringing these sweets with me. My teammates and fellow athletes love them too! best cbd Canada

Time came when my uncle finally decided to go home for good. It only meant one thing – no more Haribo sweets for me. I was selfishly disappointed of course. Later, I found myself going around the city hoping to find a candy shop or a grocery store that sells my favourite gummi bears and gummi cola. Looking for these elusive sweets has been to no avail.

I found myself scouring for Haribo sweets in the Internet. I finally found a seller in Germany via Craigslist. I was happy again to finally have a steady supply of my favourite gummi candies. Two months later, I discovered an online candy shop that has been my supplier of Haribo products.

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