Let us be clear about it, this 26 inch LCD TV from Samsung is an entry level LCD TV, it doesn’t come with all the fancy features and the cinematic effect that one would wish on their dream home. But, if its good television viewing you want, for a low priced LCD TV that can instantly upgrade your living room, the Samsung LE26B350 will do just that for you. For one, the Samsung LE26B350 26 inch LCD TV displays impressive deep black images for its class, it provides accurate colour and has a vast selection of picture controls, not to mention that it definitely looks good. On the downside, it can be a bit, just slightly, much pricier than other LCD TV in its level, plus, given the ample space on its side, it doesn’t provide any inputs in its side panel.

Small screen LCD TVs may not be what many TV enthusiasts dream of, but to any person who does not have the space or the money to spare, the Samsung LE26B350 is exceptional indeed in terms of picture quality, although it comes with a price tag that’s heavier than its competitors.

To begin with, the Samsung LE26B350 LCD TV is not your run of the mill LCD TV, IT has a simple yet elegantly handsome design with a glossy black finish. Although it looks like its designs may be generic to other LCD TVs in its class, it has a number of touches that sets it apart and will surely look good in any living room. One notable design feature is the oval stand base, it matches the frame’s design well especially the clear plastic that protrudes along the bottom lip running across the frame, and the best part is that the stand swivels. 55au7700

Being the low man on the totem pole on the Samsung LCD TV line up, the Samsung LE26B350 is not blessed with top of the line qualities; it features only a native resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels or 720p, comparably smaller to the 1080p to upper class models. This though is not a hindrance, because with its smaller screen size, it’s not really necessary to have a high resolution. Also, with the Samsung LE26B350, there are many options for tweaking the picture quality, allowing you to get the best imaging for your preferences. The Samsung LE26B350 26 inch TV has a number of menu options for adjustment, like its 3 adjustable picture modes each independent to their input. There are also controls available for colour temperature customization for enhancement of the presets, and unique to this model in its class is the availability of control to the white balance for six main adjustments.


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